An Introduction to the Carbonear Heritage Society

The Carbonear Heritage Society organized a display of community artifacts at the Conception Bay Community Centre for Canadian Heritage Day, February 20th, 2012. There was a good turn out for an enjoyable event.

Well Dressed Couple!
Well Dressed Couple

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2010-2011 Renovations to the Railway Station Museum include  new roofing, siding, along with a new deck. The interior will be completely re-done, along with electrical up-grades.  Landscaping around the building includes a paved parking lot.

The development is part of the Carbonear Island Development plan, where by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments have offered a total of $261,673 in funding, that will also include a New Exhibit on Carbonear Island and its history.

The Carbonear Heritage Society is looking forward to sharing the New Carbonear Island Exhibit, its first since its "Going Foreign" exhibit which opened during 1999. It is also hoped that an archaeological  dig will take place this summer, which will become part of the exhibit.

The society is expecting another busy year in 2011. The Manning Award Winning  Carbonear Walking Tours are also leaving from the station again this summer.

About Carbonear

With its landmark island, its harbour and its streetscapes, Carbonear boasts beautiful vernacular architecture, so in 1979, when it appeared that possibly one of its historic properties was being sold and its fate undecided, a group of concerned citizens met and made a commitment to protect and preserve the heritage of their town. On February 19th, 1979, the Carbonear Heritage Society was formed with an affirmation 'to protect and preserve Carbonear's natural and built heritage.'

This small group would be responsible for raising the heritage consciousness of the community. As with any new group in the early stages of its development, a constitution, charitable organization status, membership and fund-raising projects would need to be put in place. These were planned, improvised, and undertaken with any and all available resources. The society became a member of other umbrella groups within the heritage sector and could therefore avail of numerous workshops on issues pertinent to heritage preservation

The Society now has a permanent home in the "Carbonear Railway Station." This building is open every summer during July and August. The Society meets here monthly and all persons interested in preserving the history of Carbonear are welcome to attend or become members.

Railway Station Museum
Carbonear Railway Station Museum
Home of the Carbonear Heritage Society