Exhibits of the Carbonear Heritage Society

The following is a list of exhibits with a short description.

  • 1981 - A Travelling Exhibit of Jewelry and Clothes was hosted at the old Bank of Commerce Building.
  • 1988 - May - Illustrations of Carbonear's Maritime Past. This exhibit presented paintings of old sailing vessels from the collections of Carbonear residents.
  • 1989 - February - Rorke Exhibit - an exhibit of materials and documents associated with the company of John Rorke and Sons, Fish Merchants.
  • 1989 Summer - The Box that Rolls - an exhibit of cooperage and the coopers of Carbonear.
  • 1990 - February Slates and Primers - Early Carbonear Schools and School Records.
  • 1990 Summer - Saltfish and Labrador Fishery - Exhibit. Photos and reconstructions as well as a video completed during that year's Stationers' Festival.
  • 1991 May Price of Fish - an exhibit created by the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador in conjunction with the Carbonear Heritage Society. This travelling exhibit won awards and was seen throughout North America.
  • 1991 Summer - Carbonear Volunteer Fire Brigade Exhibit. A project of summer students on the history, personnel and equipment of the brigade.
  • 1992 - A Part of the Price of Fish exhibit was put on permanent exhibition, together with a collection of railway memorabilia and pictures of the station agents.
  • 1996-1997 The d'Iberville Legacy - a reprise of the Carbonear Island Exhibit with emphasis upon the defense of the island in the Anglo-French Wars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • 1999 Summer - Going Foreign A permanent exhibit on Carbonear sailors and their sailing ships which carried the dried salt fish to foreign ports in the period up to and including the First World War.'
  • 2011 Summer - Carbonear Island Archaeological Dig - An exhibit at the Railway Station Museum.